Agile Delivery Specialist


Cookra is a specialist consultancy firm that assists organisations establish best practice agile processes for software delivery.

With over 10 years experience Cookra has supported a wide range of organisations with transformation and change management. Specialising in agility transformation Cookra has a proven track record in moving forward organisations that wish to break away from traditional waterfall models or need to take their agility to the next level.

Cookra have years of experience across a broad spectrum of areas including Investment Banking, eCommerce, Military, Gaming and much more. Our services have assisted with single dealer platforms, asset management and risk analysis for many of the worlds Tier 1 banks, simulations and training systems for the military, massively multiplayer gaming and sports spread betting to name a few.

Above all, Cookra specialises in empowering delivery teams to self-manage, improve and deliver on time.

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