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Not sure how to tackle change but recognise the need to do so? Cookra’s specialist services help organisations mobilise their vision of change. CA Technologies Agile Central is fast becoming the strategic tool of choice for Portfolio, Product, Programme and Project Management.

Agile Central’s feature rich Portfolio Management layering provides the missing transparency organisations need. Need to replenish and measure Scrum and kanban teams? Agile Central can do it. Need to charge out work to other teams? Again, Agile Central can do it.

So if you’re on or need to get on that journey, get in touch as Cookra Limited can help. Contact us on +44 (0) 411 733382 for more information.

Training and Support

Cookra’s unique modular training for Agile Central  can be shaped and moulded around the needs of your organisation, 3rd parties, departments, teams and end users. With a complete end-to-end curriculum we provide our clients with a professional service that puts them in control and targets the individual needs of your users.

Not everyone has the same requirements that’s why Cookra recognise the fact that Business Change and Digital Transformation are different. When it comes to Agile Central we like to concentrate on both, furthermore we help you bridge the gap between business and delivery.

We recognise that all users are different. That’s why we break down persona’s and identify usage within Agile Central. Need to protect and encourage responsible autonomy? Easy, we do this with bells on – of course some areas need to be prescriptive but this doesn’t mean our team’s can’t operate independently. Not only can we show you how, but we can show you how to capture accurate and valuable metrics that help define your organisation future.

So whatever the size, shape or demand of your organisation a strategic engagement with Cookra will ensure your adoption of Agile Central gets going or comes back on track.

CA Agile Central, there’s nothing quite like it..

Achieve your business goals at startup speed

Tooling alone isn’t enough to achieve your business goals in the time it takes a startup to disrupt you. That’s why we give you access to the industry’s most experienced agile development consultants who inform our agile platform. We’re the only vendor that seamlessly integrates proven agile consulting, training and tooling to help you master agile software development and fuel your digital business strategies.

Getting started with CA Agile Central. Getting to grips with scale, your door into coaching and training

Tools alone aren’t enough to achieve your business goals at the speed you need. That’s why we give you access to experienced agile development consultants— who can help you rapidly implement and grow your agile practices. We seamlessly integrate proven agile tooling, consulting and training to help you master agile development and fuel your digital business strategies.

An enterprise, SaaS platform that can empower teams towards scaling agile

CA Agile Central is purpose-built for increasing business agility and scaling agile development practices. Provide a hub for teams to collaboratively plan, prioritise and track work on a synchronised cadence. Connect your development work to your company’s most important business initiatives. Measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness with real-time performance metrics. With CA Agile Central, you’ll have the tools to transform your organisation and be able to make the transformation stick.

Centred on your success

CA Agile Central is everything you need to perfect your agility ability. You get an enterprise-scale agile platform, along with industry-leading training and best-of-breed software solutions. And you get it all in one comprehensive, coordinated offering. So much for “Too good to be true.”

Three CA Agile Central offerings to get you started..

Features include:

  • SaaS delivery: Build and deliver software on a secure, stable, cloud-based platform
  • Iteration tracking: Track and manage team progress at a glance
  • Work item rollups: See tasks and stories connected to features

Unlimited Edition

  • Unlimited Users – Limited Time
  • 15 day trial
  • Connect strategy to delivery with our cloud-based platform (on-premises available)

Features include:

  • Plan, track and manage delivery work, connected to strategy
  • Measure performance with advanced charts, reports and benchmarking
  • Build, integrate, and customize with a secure, extensible platform

Community Edition

  • Limited Users – Unlimited Time
  • Free for 10 users, 5 projects
  • Use agile and Lean processes to manage your team’s work
Enterprise-level Features include:
  • Team tracking: Get real-time visibility into work across teams
  • Alignment: Connect delivery work to strategic plans and business milestones
  • Coordinated planning: Connect roadmaps to scope, capacity, dependencies and risks
Features include:
  • Plan, track and manage delivery work, connected to strategy
  • Measure performance with advanced charts, reports and benchmarking
  • Build, integrate, and customize with a secure, extensible platform


It's been a truly amazing twenty years

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the worlds most amazing organisations. Our client list reflects our dedication to getting things right. From New York to London, Sydney to Amsterdam Cookra Limited has supported organisations of all shapes and sizes.

With projects ranging from training simulations for The Royal Navy's latest Astute Class submarine fleet to Post Trade analysis for the Clearing Houses of J.P. Morgan & Chase, New York. We truly believe in agile transformation and as such our strategic partnerships speak for themselves.

Our success depends on one thing, making you and your customers better, but don't just take our word for it! get in touch, we'd love nothing more than to add your brand below..


Financial Services

Gaming & Spread Betting

Agency & Branding

Broadcast & Media


Animation & Film

We can make some really BIG changes together..

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